Lunchtime clubs help build student engagement, social skills and inclusion for all students. They support students who may struggle with lack of structure in the school playground.

Lunchtime clubs can have benefits for students and the whole school community, including:

  • improved peer-to-peer and teacher-student relationships and wellbeing
  • a sense of personal empowerment and student voice
  • development of social and emotional skills
  • improved academic achievement
  • positive school climate and increased student sense of safety
  • reduction in bullying and playground behaviour incidents.


In terms 2 and 3 each year we run a chess club on a Wednesday during lunchtime. Chess is run by Chess Master Grant Szuveges who works closely with the children to teacher them about the game, the strategy involved and to upskill their overall gameplay. Chess teaches patience, critical thinking, problem solving, and reasoning. It teaches students to not only see the turn but to see around the turn, because in chess you have to think five moves ahead.


While many jobs of the future are yet to be even imagined the future of work undoubtedly points in the direction of the technology space. Our coding lessons will introduce students to the world of coding in a fun and engaging way. Experienced coaches will guide students through a series of hands-on lessons with real world applications.

Coding is at the base of all technology and has its own unique language. The coding program run through Kids Unlimited that KHPS offers is designed to spark children’s interest in the underlying structures of all modern software and encourages them to creatively explore coding solutions in a way that will benefit them, no matter what the subjects they do.

Coding Language:

  • Scratch
  • Python

Children who learn to code typically develop greater skills in:

  • Lateral and logical thinking
  • Problems solving
  • Creativity and fluid thinking
  • Computational thinking
  • Technology management

Coding is offered at KHPS as an intensive 4 week program, and we are hoping to expand this in the years to come.


The Choir members practise weekly during lunch times. They take part in singing popular songs from now and the past. It’s a nice way for them to come together, make friends and show how much they enjoy singing. They have also enjoyed learning how to sing Italian songs. Students are given the opportunity to perform during school assemblies. Well done Choir for your ongoing commitment and your wonderful performance at this year’s concert. Ms Taylor and Ms Caruana look forward to singing more wonderful songs with you next year and of course we welcome new members.