Physical Education

In Years F-2 students practise a wide range of Fundamental Motor and Locomotive Skills. Skills including Rolling, Underarm Throwing, Overhand Throwing and Catching, Bouncing a ball (dribbling), Kicking, Punting, Running, Dodging, Forehand Strike, Two-handed Sidearm Strike, Jumping and Leaping are introduced and consolidated with students focussing on developmentally appropriate skill components at various stages in these early years. Students also explore other movements using different equipment (such as scooter boards, skipping ropes, obstacle courses, parachutes), whole-body gymnastics skills (including various rolls and balances), and different travelling movements (e.g. skipping, galloping, marching and different crawling techniques e.g. bear, crab, commando). Students also learn to work cooperatively, move safely within boundaries and use equipment appropriately, and follow activity-specific rules and instructions.

In Years 3 and 4 students consolidate their skills during increasingly complex activities while being introduced to variety of game-sense strategies which are applied in small-sided games. Students learn different skills and strategies integral to Invasion Games (e.g. Soccer, Netball, Basketball), Striking and Fielding Games (e.g. Cricket, T-ball, Kick-ball), Target Games (e.g Mini-golf, Bocce, Quoits) and Net/Court/Wall Games (e.g. Tennis and Downball). In each of these areas, students will focus on using a wide-variety of equipment, combining object control and movement skills, while learning different strategies for success. Students participate in a Gymnastics unit where they learn, consolidate, sequence and synchronise a variety of movements including different body rolls, jumps, shapes and balances. Students in these years will also be introduced to different Athletics disciplines involving running, jumping and throwing, and have the opportunity to try out for the Interschool Athletics team. Year 3 and 4 students also take part in our House Running Carnival which provides an opportunity for them to qualify for the Interschool Cross-Country Carnival.

In Years 5 and 6 students are provided with various opportunities to participate in interschool sporting teams, carnivals and gala days. Students have the opportunity qualify for Swimming, Cross-Country, Athletics and Soccer days and also participate in weekly Summer (Basketball, T-ball or Volleyball) and Winter (Australian Football, Netball or Volleyball) Interschool sporting teams. Students are explicitly taught the skills, strategies, movement concepts and rules for these sports during PE lessons across these years. They also take part in additional units/topics including Circus Skills and Fitness, as well as Ultimate Tag and Ultimate Frisbee using the SEPEP model which provides opportunities to participate in organised sporting competition within their classes while undertaking different roles such as referee, coach, scorer, time-keeper statistician, photographer and equipment manager.